Friday’s Finishing

Friday Finishing: 

Floral Stripes Fingerless Gloves
Floral Stripes Fingerless Gloves
Peter Pan Collar
Peter Pan Collar
Floral scarf
Floral Fashion Scarf

Collection of designs I was working on this week at their finished state.  Loved making these new Floral Stripes fingerless gloves in Orange, Green and Turquoise in Debbie Bliss Organic Cotton.  I also made a few in other colours, you can view this design and the others below at

The Peter Pan Collar was started in the Sneak Peek posting earlier this week and this is how it turned out.  This one is made with Linen and Cotton by Rowan Yarns, Artyarns 100% beaded silk in a nice peachy coral tone, and hand made clay buttons by a local Artist Sandi Skakun.

The final picture shows the new Floral Fashion Scarf, a collection of 3 strands of vines, one of leaves, one of flowers and a textured one with 100% Artyarns beaded and seqins silk.  These are some of my favourite yarns to work with.

Spruce up your knitting and crochet by adding a touch something special to your piece.  Look around you for inspiration in texture, colour, style or even an emotion to incorporate into your next project.  Changing something as simple as the colour choice can make a project much more personal and enjoyable to make.  Try it out on your next project no matter what it is, add a little spice to your creativity.

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Finishing

  1. This makes me want to take Beverly (my niece Gloria and I named the dummy…and the foam heads) outside. Why does nature make everything look better? The projects are lovely, inside or out! 🙂

  2. My sister and I named her, just seemed to fit! I like your idea about naming them from favourite books. I might do that for the other ones I have, after all we work with them everyday, might as well have a name!

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