Knitting Is …

I had to reblog this one as it is such a fantastic question for all who create, no matter the discipline.
My response to what knitting means to me:
It’s part of who I am! Everyday I design, knit and crochet things (I am so lucky it is my current job) that inspire me, moods I feel, what makes me happy or laugh into my designs. It keeps the sanity when things are tough. Just knitting a few rows puts peace back into the world. It is an amazing get away from stress and you get to be the boss of what you are working on. Whether you change the pattern, colour or just what you are choosing to finish or not finish that day gives you control over the outcome. You can even change a mistake that you made and make it work into something better or fix it. Feels so great when you accomplish a finished piece or start a new one. It has all the creative perks you want and need, just some yarn and two sticks, or one if you crochet and the stunning works that come from such simple things. Great idea to blog this question. It means something different to everyone. I am addicted to creating, it is part of who I am. How about you.

For the Knit of It


I saw this idea on another blog (help, my mind draws a blank this morning!) and thought it was such a brilliant topic that I had to try my own. What does knitting mean to a knitter? What does it mean to me?

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