Inspired by the Spider Web, Hat!

Crochet Spider Web
Crochet Spider Web

I am inspired by the Spider, natures crocheter, and it’s amazing webs! The other week I posted a picture of a wonderful spider web in my garden.  Earlier that week I had patiently watch a spider make it’s web while I enjoy my morning coffee and was inspired by the work of the Spider.  Of course it was a beautiful day and I was looking for an excuse to stay on my deck and enjoy it, so I did.  🙂 When you watch them build their webs you notice they are almost crocheting it.  As natures best crocheter I was inspired to use this design to make something.

Spider Web Hat
Spider Web Hat

Yesterday I just had to stop my work and try out something new that kept playing in my mind.  I started out with a crochet circle and then started to make my web.  It was a crochet as you go project.  As I continued to crochet, increasing stitches each row, I began to see it form the perfect hat shape.  I love working with yarn without a knitted net, or crochet net this time.  Just taking a ball of yarn and some needles and start working stitches out to see where I end up is a fantastic challenge and always interesting.  It brightens your mind and creativity to new levels and a true enjoyment for me.

Spider Web Hat
Spider Web Hat

I continued to crochet with some of the rows without an increase to shape nicely around your head.  I haven’t finished this hat yet, but this pictures give you a good idea of how it will look.  I loved being inspired by the Spider webs.  It reminds me how things in everyday life, big or small, can be an great source of inspiration in what we do.  Try looking at your surroundings differently today.  You might be surprised what you see.

The yarn I used in the Spider Web Hat is the Diamond Yarns, Diamond Luxury, Fine Merino Superwash Aran weight yarn.  This yarn is fantastic and soft.  Great to work with and one of my staples and favourites.  The colours are great and I love them all.

I will post a picture later of my finished Spider Web hat in the near future.  I am off to be inspired by something new today.  Hope you find your inspiration too!!  Have an amazing day!

8 thoughts on “Inspired by the Spider Web, Hat!

  1. Love this! I made something similar last year with glow-in-the-dark yarn. Ever since I started crocheting, I look at spider webs with more admiration and respect. Always makes me think of crocheting.

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