Convertible Mittens, perfect for the cooler days

Embellished Convertible Mittens
Embellished Convertible Mittens

Last year we had a very long and cold winter.  Seemed it would never end.  Started in October to boot, and we had little Fall to enjoy.  I love Fall so pretty all around with the amazing colours of the leaves and the wonderful coolness in the air.  Going for a walk crunching your feet in the leaves is one of my favourite things to do in the Fall.  I can’t help it, brings out the kid in you.  But enough about that as I am busy relishing the last few weeks of summer before the seasons change.

mitts merino purple convertible2Back to my Convertible Mittens…   Being cold here a good part of the year I decided I need to add a convertible mitten to my designs.  I love crochet for it’s sculpting features.  It is wonderful to work turns and completely change a design on the fly.  I wanted to design a fingerless glove with the option of a full mitten, but the top could be taken completely off leaving you with your fingers free to use your technology and just keep your hands warm and toasty.  By designing both pieces separately I accomplished my goals.  I used great metal buttons to accent the design.  With these Convertible Mittens you can unbutton just two buttons on the palm of the hand and leave the top on the back as most Convertible Mittens are designed or unbutton all of them and take it off leaving you with a fingerless glove.  There is also a button by the thumb to fasten it for your convenience.

Convertible Mittens, Merino Wool
Convertible Mittens, Merino Wool

I used Malabrigo Rios Hand Painted Merino Wool for some of them and the cotton ones I used Debbie Bliss Organic Cotton, Aran Weight (sadly this is now discontinued, it was a fantastic yarn, but I still have a nice stock of it 🙂 )  I embellished some of the mittens and left the hand painted ones to speak for themselves.  I haven’t made myself a pair yet as I can’t decide on the colour I want.  That’s the problem of having too much yarn to choose from.  You want one of each colour.  LOL

mitts cotton large khaki1Not sure where I am taking these Convertible Mittens this year, but be sure to pop by my website and my etsy store where I post my latest designs.

Have a wonderfully inspiring day.

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