Roses R…Naturally Beautiful

Roses R... Scarf
Roses R… Scarf

Roses R…naturally beautiful, at least in colour and my first choice for favourite flower.  The Roses R…naturally beautiful scarf is one of my newest and largest scarf designs.  This piece can be worn in  many different styles as shown, add your creativity and make this chunky merino wool scarf your own unique style.

My goal was to make a chunky scarf that could be worn both as a small shawl like piece to a super cozy, yet elegant scarf to warm a cold winters day.   I love multi-tasking and like to add this to many of my designs.  For this reason I added 3 different sizes of Rose brooches so you can wear the Roses R… design with all three rose brooches or change the look and wear only one or two.  A great casual look without any roses add another style to this design.  A multi-tasking scarf that you can change with your style each day.  Below are some of the ways you can wear the Rose R… scarf.

This design is made with 100% soft merino wool and available in Natural as shown here or red.  I may add more colours in the future as well as some with hand painted merino wool.  Be sure to pop by my Etsy store to find out more at

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