Hand Spun Garden

Hand Spun Garden Scarf
Hand Spun Garden Scarf

The Hand Spun Garden scarf was inspired by a request from a customer to make a larger bulky scarf and embellish as I would like.  It is a dream moment when a custom order is completely up to the designer to create.  It makes the creative juices flow and the thoughts start rolling out ideas and directions to pursue.  For the Hand Spun Garden design it was greatly inspired by some wonderful hand spun yarns I had purchase previously.  I wanted to save them for a special project as the work and artistry involved in each skein is a work of Art in itself and deserves special attention.

This was the perfect moment to use one of my favourite hand spun skeins I had been admiring for months. In this case I used one of my previous designs for the base, the Ruffle Scarf base, but this time I worked it in a hand painted bulky yarn.  After finishing several hand spun flowers I felted the design needed another colour to add more interest.  Not too much contrast, just enough to add a little more depth to the over all design.  Topped it off with some leaves for that garden finish to the design.

I will be making more of this design and likely changing and evolving it as I go.  The Hand Spun Garden Scarf will be available on my Etsy site in the future, sorry already sold the two I made.  www.intricateknits.etsy.com  I will be making them in other colours to complement your unique style and design.  More pictures below:

Currently, I am working on a larger scarf with this base done in a longer slightly wider style and mixed with another scarf that you can wear together or each separately.  A three in one multi-tasking scarf that can be worn in many different ways.  I must run with my ideas in mind and get back to my next project.  Have yourself a wonderful day!!

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