Great Giveaway…with a “Mystery” Author

Great Giveaway
Great Giveaway

Great Giveaway coming Feburary 13th, 2014 is a special giveaway with one of the fabulous “Treasured Friends” Authors.  This giveaway will have two gifts to win;  a special item from my new collection and directly related to the Authors newest book and a gift from the Author as well.

This wonderful Author happens to love knitting and crocheting.  A very creative person in many aspects of the Arts.  I took this opportunity to ask said Author a few questions about her favourite fibre addictions…knitting and crochet.

1.      When did you first learn to knit and who taught you?

 Author:  I am a self-taught knitter. The women in my family have done crochet and the occasional bit of sewing or embroidery, but knitting wasn’t something I ever saw being done around the house. I’ve always been intrigued by it, and after we moved to Virginia from Texas, I had my first proper winter with long periods of cold weather–it seemed like the perfect time to learn. So I picked up KIDS KNITTING and a pair of aluminum needles and some acrylic yarn. It was disastrous! The yarn slipped everywhere and it squeaked in my hands. I hated it, but I knew the issue was with me and the materials I’d chosen–not with knitting itself. So I tried again, this time with bamboo needles and merino. It was still disastrous. For some reason, I could not make the connection that you had to drop the stitch off the needle once it was finished and not actually slide it to the other one! My husband has a much better sense of spatial relationships than I do and he realized immediately what I was doing wrong. It was a fairly moronic mistake, but at least it was easily corrected!

2.      What do you like to knit, favourite type of projects or style of knitting?

Author:  I still only knit flat things. Because I knit so seldom, I am woefully unskilled. I know just enough to knit a flat scarf! But my writing is where I like the challenges and the battle. Knitting is where I go to have something mindless to do with my hands while I watch movies–usually 1930s screwball comedies or British mysteries. When I decide to improve my skills, I’ll ask one of my knitting gurus to point me towards a very simple pattern and talk me through it. I have a friend who knits like a fiend–beautiful socks and hats and wraps–but she lives in California so I can’t just sit her down and make her show me everything I want to do. Luckily for her!

3.      Do you crochet or other fibre related hobbies you enjoy working on?

Author:  My crocheting is like my knitting–abysmally unskilled. I can chain stitch, and once, during a period of deep anxiety, I made a chain forty feet long. I don’t know how to turn corners…But I own crochet and tatting hooks that have been in the family for at least four generations, and I harbor a deep, secret desire to make granny squares.

4.      What are your favourite fibres to work with?

 Author:  I am smitten with natural fibers–merino, cashmere. I have expensive tastes! But I just love the feel of them so much better than the acrylic. I also like feeling attached to something that’s been done for centuries. There’s something wonderful about the continuity of that tradition–taking the offering of a goat or a silkworm and transforming it into something even lovelier. Of course, since I frog a LOT, I don’t buy fiber that’s terribly expensive. That would be a sacrilege!

5.      What is your favourite piece you have knitted?

Author:  I managed a scarf for my mother that she absolutely treasured–black with an extra strand of something fluttery to give it movement since it was perfectly flat. She wore it nonstop until it went walkabout on a trip. I owe her a replacement!

6.      Can you relate your writing with knitting in some way?

 Author:  There are so many points of commonality between knitting and writing–I’m always amazed by how many writers are ardent and accomplished knitters! I think there’s something deeply relaxing about repetitive motion with your hands, something that pushes your brain into a different mode of thinking, and that’s when you can unravel a story problem that’s been knotting up. There’s a phenomenal sense of accomplishment in taking something that existed solely in your head and translating that to a tangible result–a book, a pair of mittens–and knowing that because of you, something has been conjured that wasn’t there before. It’s alchemy to assemble the raw ingredients whether they are words or fibers and through the effort of your creativity and work assemble them into something entirely new.

Myself:  It always amazing me how many people knit, crochet, felt and use other fibre arts to create and calm the day.  No matter what you’re creative outlet the outcome is always intriguing and usually satisfying.  Get creative today and learn something new, you may find a new favourite creative outlet today.

Be sure to pop by on Thursday, Feburary 13th, 2014 to find out more about the Great Giveaway and who this “Mystery” Author is.

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