Portuguese Knitting at River City Yarns

River City Yarns
River City Yarns
I enjoy learning new techniques and styles of knitting and crochet and adding them to my designs. Last night I had the pleasure of taking a wonderful course on Portuguese Knitting at River City Yarns. This style of knitting is great for people who have hand problems and for everyone who wants a new technique to try. I loved learning another technique I can add to my work and I am looking forward to learning the colour change and other stitches soon. http://www.rivercityyarns.com/

Yarns by Art Yarns
Yarns by Art Yarns
While at River City Yarns, our local knitting store, I found some amazing yarns I just have to try. River City Yarns has recently moved their second store location to a wonderful place on the West end of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and are now location in this larger single store. If you are ever in the Edmonton area this is a must see. Beautifully arranged yarns of many types, fibres and brands as well as many knitting and crochet books and more. Great collection of knitting and crochet needles and many other fibre art related tools and treasures to be found.

One of the things I appreciate and look forward to at River City Yarns is the amazing courses and Fibre Artist and Designers they bring into the store to share their expertise and teaching us many new techniques. I have had the pleasure of taking courses from Brandon Malbly, Nicky Epstein, Silva Harding to name a few as well as up coming designers including Cat Bordhi, Fiona Ellis and Stephanie Pearl McPhee coming soon to River City Yarns. Check out more here: http://www.rivercityyarns.com/events/

Check out some of their amazing treasures just waiting for you to enjoy and use on your next project. Here is a collection of pictures showing some of the wonderful yarns available, there are many more. Such a lovely store to visit with dreams of your next knitting or crochet venture. You can also take many of their in house classes see more here: http://www.rivercityyarns.com/workshops/

Cynthia took me on a quick tour around the store to tell me more about some of the wonderful yarns to be found. One of my favourite yarns my Malabrigo called Rasta and others they make were sure to be found in amazing colours. As well many of the Diamond Yarns collections and of course Rowan yarns and more. I was attracted to some specific yarn colours belowrivery city yarns that just caught my eye and I couldn’t pass up the option of purchasing for myself. My recent trip to Vancouver may have had some influence with the colours I choose all being colours of the ocean, beach, green for the trees and the blue sky. I will be designing something down the road for myself that will incorporate at least 2 of these or even all three together.

The darker skein with blues and greens is Adam and Eve by Handmaiden http://handmaiden.ca/yarn.html this colour was specifically dyed for River City Yarns and is available through them. This yarn is 81% merino 9% Cashmere and 10% Nylon and 100% temptation (really it is on the tag and absolutely true!!) The second yarn is by Fleece Artist http://fleeceartist.com/yarns.html This one is called Sea Wool and is a combination of 70% Merino and 30% Seacell which happens to be made from sea weed. I find this amazing that they can make yarns from such interesting items and turn them into fibre. The colours remind me of the beach with the soft blues, greens, grey and brown for the sand. I am looking forward to trying these two new yarns, new to me, and see how the colours and fibres inspire me.

20140604_200256_resizedOn my tour Cynthia gave me a sneak peek on what she is working on with the Adam and Eve skein shown above combined with another colour way of the same yarn. This is a beautiful pattern by Churchmouse Yarns http://www.churchmouseyarns.com/ You can read more about this wonderful sweater on their blog here: http://river-city-yarns.myshopify.com/blogs/news/14297453-adam-eve-in-the-garden-of-edmonton

The third yarn is a wonderfully soft yarn by Rowan called Alpaca Colour. The colour is truly what caught my eye first and then I touch the yarn and didn’t want to let go. It is amazingly soft and I can’t wait to add it to something soon. http://www.knitrowan.com A wonderful collection of Kid Silk Haze is available as shown here.

Kid Silk Haze - Rowan Yarns
Kid Silk Haze – Rowan Yarns

Shopping local is very important to your community and can also be expanded across Canada. The Fleece Artist yarns and Handmaiden yarns are both from Nova Scotia area and River City Yarns is in Edmonton. I recently added Sweet Georgia Yarns from Vancouver to my designs as well Diamond Yarns has a wonderful collection of yarns I love using and they too have a Canadian Home. It is wonderful how there are so many different ways to support your “local” companies and small businesses so they can bring you many more wonderful treasures.

I love popping into River City Yarns to see what is new and exciting in fibre, yarns, books and tools. You can also purchase products on their new online store see their website for more information. Next time you are in Edmonton, pop by and see the vast array of products just waiting for you to try next. Or take time to take a few courses they are always taught by wonderful staff or Designers they bring to this fabulous store. Can’t wait for my next trip to River City Yarns and the up coming courses to learn new and exciting techniques.

4 thoughts on “Portuguese Knitting at River City Yarns

  1. I did RCY’s Portuguese class over a year ago and its the only technique I use now. As for yarn … well, there is no better place in North-Central Alberta for yarn.

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