Classic Tones…Contemporary crochet scarves

Classic Tones…Contemporary crochet scarves. Last week I was thinking about designing a neutral scarf collection that had a crochet lace feel with the warmth of the chunky yarns. I love changing up my Rose Onie scarves to see what else I could design with them. Using the 2 strand method, or more at times, to see what yarn colours with create when used together is a wonderful technique to design with. The effect is interesting and always different depending on how they decided to mingle at each stitch.

I wanted to keep this collection in neutral colours to start, but I will be adding colours as well down the road to see how it can change the design. The Onie Collar scarf design has a classic yet contemporary feel to the design and is great to wear as shown in these pictures or moving the large button on the back of the scarf to different crochet spaces and wearing it in other ways. Many of my scarves are great for wearing with jackets and coats, but you can also wear them with your favourite sweater, shirt and more to dress up your outfit and stay warm and cozy. You can see more pictures on my Etsy store at

The Onie Collar Scarf is made with two different tones of merino wool to add that unique colour way. I can’t wait to try it out with some hand painted merino wool next. Once again I was inspired by a previous design. Reworking or renewing designs is always enjoyable as you get to take the design further than you achieved the previous times.

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