Spring Accent Scarves…floral touch


Spring Accent Scarves some with a floral touch perfect to wear with your favourite T-shirt, Sweater, Jacket, Coat and more.  New designs with various style inspirations and colours for any wardrobe.  I will be continuing to add more of these small accent scarves including some elaborate and unique one of a kind designs in the near future.  I love this time of year when Winter is soon to end and Spring is just around the corner.  Of course it depends on the year when Spring decides to arrive, but it is always welcomed and embraced after these long cold winters.  Though I have to say this winter is certainly bearable compared to the last few we have had and it makes me even love winter again! 🙂

I love the new beginnings of Spring.  A perfect time to change up your wardrobe, lighten it with wonderful fibres that flow and drape lightly around you and add that special touch with one of my new Accent scarves that add that unique touch to your wardrobe.  Or a splash of colour or texture to your latest outfit.  The floral touch on some of them are great for feeling Spring in the air as we look forward to the coming birth of the new flowers and foliage around us.  The colours are soon to abound in the beautiful accents of nature as it comes to life again.  I am off to be inspired by the thoughts of the coming Spring just around the corner.  Have an amazing week!

You can find many of my other designs on  my Etsy store at http://www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com  or shop local in Edmonton or St. Albert, Alberta at the http://www.albertacraft.ab.ca or http://www.artgalleryofstalbert.ca  where you will find  many of my designs and other great works of art by various Artists.

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