Elegant Lace Infinity Scarf – Layered Accent Scarf

Elegant lace infinity scarf with a sculptural touch of leaves and vines perfect for all four seasons in a beautiful soft organic cotton.  This scarf can be mixed and matched with various colours as shown.  Twist it together as shown in the 3rd and 4th pictures or wear each separately.  A multitasking scarf to accent your Spring and Summer wardrobe that flows into the rest of the year.  You can purchase them separately, or for a discount purchase them in pairs or in three’s.

See more at http://www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com

Enjoy your day today as we round the corner to Spring!

6 thoughts on “Elegant Lace Infinity Scarf – Layered Accent Scarf

  1. They are a nice versatile piece. I like the spring colors.
    Quick question, what is the organic cotton you are using? Organic would make a lot of sense combined with natural dyeing.

    1. Thanks!! I am using Debbie Bliss Eco Organic Aran weight. It is discontinued, but was able to get a few more bags this winter. Keep looking and let me know when you find a nice organic cotton. Hard to find one with great colours!

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