Alberta Bound Scarf 2 – Alberta Rose and Flax flower accent scarf

The Alberta Bound Scarf part 2 – Alberta Rose and Flax flower scarf is another scarf inspired by Alberta landscapes.  This one is designed with one accent scarf of leaves in green hand painted merino wool and one is a wonderful purple mix of hand painted merino as well.  These two yarns are dyed in Canada by Sweet Georgia Yarns in Vancouver.  The colours of their beautiful yarn is inspired by their surroundings and the colours of Canada which I though was fitting to add to my Alberta Bound Collection.  The colours are truly amazing as is this wonderful yarn by Sweet Georgia Yarns  The brooch has a combination of a Wild Rose of Alberta and the Flax flowers that are seen growing in southern Alberta on a base of green leaves.  Last picture shows the various Alberta Bound brooches.  You can mix and match this design as well change the flower colour to suit your style.

I am currently working on some modern accent scarves that I will blog soon or check out my Etsy store for my latest work at  I also have a great collection of my newest work at the and soon at both in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

A quick note I am also working on a new scarf for Susanna Kearsley that is inspired by her newest book “A Desperate Fortune” which I have had the pleasure of reading before it has been released.  (One of the perks of having such a wonderful friend, Thanks Susanna!!)  I have several pieces I am working on for this newest addition to Susanna’s amazing books.   See more at where you can check out a few of her chapters for Susanna’s newest book.  Trust me it fantastic as always.  Absolutely loved it!!!

2 thoughts on “Alberta Bound Scarf 2 – Alberta Rose and Flax flower accent scarf

  1. So much to look forward to seeing! I love the brooches. Alberta is such a beautiful Province. No wonder you’ve been inspired! They’re all lovely pieces.

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