Modern with a Twist scarf – Accent your wardrobe

Modern Twist Accent scarf in neutrals and colours are the perfect addition to your wardrobe any time of the year.  Made with hand painted merino wool to give that unique touch to each scarf.  Many other colours to come soon.  Great to accent your favourite T shirt, Sweater, jacket or coat and more.  I wanted to design an accent scarf for myself that had a sculptural essence and modern feel to the design.  I began working the design with neutral colours to see how the twists would show the depth of the yarn and texture.  Migrating to working this design with colour was a natural progression as I also love colour.  The colour choices for this design can be endless so I am off to try out more combinations to see how they work together.

There are other designs dancing in my head just waiting to be released so keep an eye on my Etsy store at for the latest designs.  This is where I list many of my One of a Kind designs and the most current pieces in my work.

Happy Easter to everyone!!  Have a fabulous weekend,


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