Architecture in Crochet Project – Exeter Cathedral #2

Architecture in Crochet Project – Exeter Cathedral #2:

The Exeter Cathedral window is one of many windows in this wonderful example of Gothic Architecture.  These pictures show the boarder I have done around the stained glass, stone tracery window where I will begin to layer crochet stone tracery in a similar design as this incredible window.  I will try to keep it somewhat minimal so that I may be able to pattern this type of design down the road should I decide to go this direction.  I will see where this adventure takes me before I decide.

In the second picture I show the window upside down which has inspired me to add more windows from this wonderful Gothic Cathedral and perhaps design a shawl with several of my favourite window designs.  The last picture shows the beginning of my layering of the stone tracery around the window.  I have used two colours to give both depth, texture and shading to the design.  Shown better when seen in person.

The yarns used so far are from Sweet Georgia Yarns at and Malabrigo Rios  These will be two of the prominent yarns used in this design.  I have been collecting various stone colours from both of these companies who make the most wonderful merino wool yarns.

Below is the link to the first blog post on this Architectural Crochet Project:

See more of my designs at including other architectural designs available for purchase.

I hope you are inspired today to try something new, have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Architecture in Crochet Project – Exeter Cathedral #2

  1. These are lovely. The other night on Youtube I was watching a documentary on the neo-gothic architecture of northern England during the industrial revolution. You might find it interesting seeing as you are working on Gothic arches. I think it was called People’s Palaces: The Gothic Revival. Many of these buildings were built on the fortunes made in the fibre industry…..could be an interesting link.

      1. If I come across any others I will pass them on. I am watching a lot of Youtube at the moment while I knit an order for a new resort out on Pender. It seems documentaries are the best to knit to as you can listen rather than watch.

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