Iris Floral Scarf, New for Fall 2015

iris collar scarf purple1

Beautiful, courageous, wise and full of passion : the very definition of the modern day women, A women who can go from the playground to a corporate meeting, who can go from being the kindest mom to a strong and determined individual ready to conquer anything that comes her way ( and look amazing while doing it ). The beautiful Iris is one of the center pieces of Valerie Baber Designs Fall/Winter 2015 collection. The iris was chosen as it means faith, hope, courage, admiration and passion, the perfect reminder for every women of their strength. Perfect for the upcoming cooler months, this scarf is extremely versatile and is the perfect addition to a wardrobe for the women on the go.

Now Available in the colour shown, Iris Floral Fingerless Gloves – Deep Purple & Iris Floral Scarf – Deep Purple.  This style is done in a chunky weight yarn.  Also available in: Iris Floral Scarf – Blackberry , Iris Floral Fingerless Gloves – Blackberry,  in a worsted weight yarn.  All of these gorgeous pieces are made from the highest quality, hand painted merino wool from Sweet Georgia Yarns.

iris collar scarf purple3iris collar scarf purple4iris hand warmers purple1iris hand warmers purple2iris hand warmersworsted blackberry1iris hand warmersworsted blackberry2

Thank you for reading. Xx.

Written by: Joy Baber ( ALittleDetail )

Photos & Designs by: Valerie Baber

Now Available in: Iris Floral Scarf ,

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