Floral Frieze Scarf with a Gothic Cathedral inspired look

Valerie Baber Designs
Valerie Baber Designs

Just finished making and designing the new Floral Frieze scarf based on architectural floral and vines frieze on buildings of the past. This one has a gothic edge to the design with the points on the petals seen on the crockets in gothic architecture. The colours in this new collection of accent scarves are the Stained Glass colours seen in this stunning buildings of the past and present. As well there will be a selection with stone colours used including ivory, grey, beige.

Floral Frieze accent scarf
Floral Frieze accent scarf

I will be designing various styles of flowers some with a softer essence and a more Victorian feel as well as other design era’s. Combining architecture and nature into one wearable art piece you can wear with your shirt, sweater, coat and more.  Check out my new blog on my online store at:  this blog will be about the items on my store amd more… http://www.valeriebaberdesign.com/blogs/news

NEW:  Look for them on my new online store at http://www.valeriebaberdesign.com and my Etsy store at http://www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com

Valerie Baber Designs
Valerie Baber Designs

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