Rose Leaf and Vines Freize scarf – Architectural Inspiration

The Rose Frieze Leaf and Vines scarf was inspired by Architecture and the beautiful frieze patterns you see on my buildings of the past in stone.  It always amazes me the extraordinary talent and expertise the Designers and Artists of the past used to add the finishing touches on buildings that would last for centuries.  Nature has been inspiring people for generations and is where I pull much of my inspiration from.  It is ever changing and evolving into new and exciting designs and moments in time. With the Frieze scarf collections I am combining my love for nature with my love for architecture and design into one piece that reflects both.  There will be many more additions to this collection as is continues to inspire me within.

You can purchase this scarf on my Etsy store at  more colours and sizes to follow.

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Check out the versatility of this unique design below.  It is a combination of two different lengths of Frieze Vine scarves and a rose and leaf brooch.  Just loop the scarf how you want it to sit like you would a long scarf to secure.  You can loop around several times to get a different look or leave it longer and sculpt how you would like making it an art piece, accent scarf to add to your wardrobe or loop the short length over the longer one and with a few twists form a scarf perfect for wearing with your favourite coat.  All season scarf perfect for any style.

These beautiful yarns and colours are from SweetGeorgia Yarns at

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