Infinity Scarves – “to Infinity and Beyond”

wired infinity scarf long small combo3

New Contemporary Infinity Lace Scarves small & long scarf,  2 scarf combo version, order in ivory, light blue, grey, mauve, black. Made with soft merino wool by Valerie Baber Designs. A unique design with a contemporary essence in the lace and a “wired” effect to complete this elegant design. Great for accenting your T shirt, shirt, sweater, or coat any time of year.

Comes with these two scarves below, the small one on the left and the longer one on the right.  When put together they form the large one above.  You can wear each separately or together.

wired infinity scarf long small combo5
Part of my “Wired to the Past” Collection that includes various designs with a wired look with yarn, some with floral touches and some without. The “Wired to the Past”Collection brings styles and design from the past with a contemporary edge where I will add a “wired” look with yarn on each of them showing how the past is directly connected to the present and future. Many can be mixed and match to suit your wardrobe.

There are also various ones made with specialty yarns available or coming soon for a more unique touch to your design style. Check out my other listings here or my website at for other styles in the “Wired to the Past” Collection and more.

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