Special Blog on: Pen and Hook


I want to thank Lisa from Pen and Hook for her amazing support and friendship this year!  She kindly made several of my designs and did some pattern testing so I could bring you a few new designs to crochet this past year.  Thank you so much Lisa for everything.  You are an amazing, wonderful person.

Read on about Lisa below and be sure to check out her new Worm Goo yarn at https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/PenandHook


“I’m Lisa Gossman-Steeves. I started Pen and Hook (formerly Writing Places) after I quit a job and was looking for something to do. I started off as a crochet business, then I moved to yarn. After I found that I could dye my own yarn, I started dyeing sari silk, which eventually led to Worm Goo. I called it Worm Goo because the name Worm Spit was taken, but basically silk is made from the cocoon of the silk worm, which is formed with worm spit. The fascinating thing to me is that the cocoon is one long strand of continuous silk! Nature, and the way God made everything, is so amazing.

“Wool intrigues me too. In fact, wool is my first love so I plan to bring more into my store next year. I find that some people think it’s still the scratchy yarn that they had to wear as children. That is not the case at all these days because they have found better ways to process and breed wool. I love the wool from Sweet Georgia Yarns that Valerie uses in her store. That’s one reason I made the Fiesta Scarf for my shows outside of Etsy. I loved all of the colors and the design that Valerie thought of. When people touch it, they can’t believe that it’s wool because it’s so soft.

“Basically, my store has grown along with me. When I first started on Etsy I just crocheted and sewed a little. Now I also spin, dye and weave. I would eventually like to put all of that in my store as well as do crocheted gifts again.”

Be sure to pop by her store soon!

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